Curators' Statement: 
The exhibition Winter White: The Absence of Color presents the work of 15 professional contemporary artists whose use of white defines and unifies the work. Within the confines of the monochromatic palette, color is no longer the concern, rather, texture, pattern, and shadow fall into play. White is produced when all the color wavelengths of visible light are reflected, without absorption (opposite to black which absorbs all, without reflection)  
The work will set forth a binary relationship between interior and exterior, artificial and organic, man-made and natural by complementing January's winter palette of bleak skies and snow. The artists will present work in a variety media - paint, paper, print, encaustic, Photography glass, fibre, textiles, clay, plastic. etc.  
This is first time that the Rye Arts Center Gallery will have an exhibition of work that has been chosen based on a single color, or absence thereof, in this case: White.  
Katharine Dufault, 2016

Artists: Kate Doyle, Roxanne Faber Savage, David Fox, Irving Harper, Arnold Kastenbaum, Alexandra Kohl, David Licata, Henry Mandell, Patricia Miranda, Lael Morgan, Ira Richer, B. Avery Syrig, Priya Tambe, Barbara Weiss